martedì 22 settembre 2015

Dutch Design Exhibition at the WET store

Divina and mini-Divina by Jacco Bregonje

DELTA vase by Mart van Schijndel 

Light Tub by Jan Puylaert for WET

Chubby Chair by Marcel Wanders

Plane shower column by Jan Puylaert for Hafro Italia

WET floor - Cement tiles by Jan Puylaert & MAZ for WET 

Fusion II Self standing basin by Jan Puylaert

French Carafe by Kapitein Roodnat
Cottage Town by Ontwerp Duo

Sucker by Jan Hoekstra e Leon Ramakers for DROOG

Flames by Chris Kabel for DROOG

Bold Floor Lamp by Antoon de Groof
Puzzle Dinner Tray by Wendy Boudewijns
Hot by Jan Puylaert
Baby Barrel by Nieuwe Heren

Thunderball by Richard Hutten

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