giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Aperitivo today! at TOURBILLÒN concept store

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TOURBILLÒN concept store

Via Baldissera 4 corner via Stoppani
6:00pm - 9:00pm

WET® introduces WETfloor®

WET® &  WETfloor® are registered trademarks in name and crown         
TM 1999 - TM 2020 (international)  © WETfloor 2011 |  20x20cm

by WET
In sharp contrast against it's Plastic-PolyEthylene bathroom product-line, 
WET has chosen to expand it's range by introducing a 100% full cement floor-tile.
With an antiquity of 150 years, the cement tile (or hydraulic tile) has proven to be one of the best construction materials that last over time.
The endless combinations in designs and colors that were once available, made it a unique material in the construction field and it's handcraft production is considered an art.

It also is a “100% ecologically sustainable” product, since it is entirely produced with environmentally harmless pigments in addition to their only pure cement and sand basis.
Also the production-method is highly ecological, where not even heat is added, but only pure hydraulic pression. In fact, this is where it's ancient name comes from : “hydraulic” tile.
Both ecological and quality aspects make it a perfect product also today, out casting in many ways even the newest developments in ceramic and gress lines.

WET choses 100% Ecofriendly manufacturer

Spirit, artifice and aesthetics in the manufacturing
  •  Handcrafted production method
  •  Sand and cement raw material only
  •  Not containing any toxic substance   (also no lead)
  •  Minimal waste during production-process*
  •  Drying in open air without oven
  •  Using recycled water only during the hydraulic pressurized fabbrication
  •  Use of local materials
  •  Recycled cardboard packaging
  •  * The tiles that do not pass quality control are broken and are used again in the mix.

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